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We want to hear your kindness stories!

Please share your stories of kindness with us.  By sharing your story, you can inspire others to take action in making a difference.  

If you have received a bracelet, given a bracelet or have simply shared a moment of kindness with someone, please tell us how it felt to Pay It Forward or be on the receiving end.

It would be great if you could mention where in the world you are paying it forward, if it is outside of Manitoba.  You can remain anonymous if you prefer.  

Thank you for believing in the magic of kindness and paying it forward.  The time your took to share your story is another act of kindness that can change the world!


7 Comments on "Your Story"

  1. Lorelei Fenton-Brodoway says:

    First week of January, 2017, right after another dump of snow on our city. My daughter and I were at a gas station on Fermor when we noticed a car that had failed to make a left turn into the parking lot, so was now stuck in a snow bank. The driver was attempting to push the car himself with no success. As I paid for my gas, I noticed another motorist get out of his car and attempt to help. Then my daughter gave me “the look” and I knew right away what she was thinking. I nodded permission and she opened the trunk of our car, grabbed the shovel, and dodged oncoming traffic to go help. Eventually, the 3 managed to free the car. The driver was very grateful and wanted to pay us, but my daughter declined, suggesting instead that he pay it forward by keeping a shovel in the trunk of his car so he could help other motorists.

  2. Stephanie Hemlow says:

    We had recently been to the Assiniboine Park for their Movies in the Park summer series. The PIF group was there and were handing out bracelets to people. My 3 little girls(aged 2,4 and 6)received one each. I went home and went to this site and explained to them what the Pay It forward initiative was all about. My older 2 are excited to Pay It Forward and do something nice for someone, something that we talk about often as kindness is one of the traits that I hope my children will hold throughout life. My eldest hopes that she will get her own bracelet back one day which would show that many kind acts have happened. To be kind is so easy and the reward is so great!:)

  3. Iris Kennedy says:

    Recently l was walking through the convention centre as l do each day after work on the way to the bus. On this particular day a woman walking along says, wow your red jacket red, red purse and red hair, you look so nice. Thank you. Then she tells me her color is purple. We’ll without hesitation l stopped, removed my jacket just enough for her to see my purple suit jacket that l happen to be wearing that day. She starts crying and hugging me. What’s going on. She tells me that they just buried her Mom recently and her favourite color is purple. She shows me her purple socks and purple hat she is wearing. Without hesitation, l realized, I was wearing my most fantastic Origami Owl Jewlery that l sell that l just received, the PURPLE hostess exclusive with Pave Saworski crystals, purple dangle with Crystals and my dangle with my oval flat chain. I showed it to her briefly, then took it off and placed it around her neck. She cried, hugged me and was so grateful as it would help her remember her Mom. We talked for a bit and she said goodbye. She said l didn’t realize there were such nice people in the world. Now l have experienced this for myself. I was deeply moved and this experience will go with me for the rest of my life!!

  4. Janelle says:

    It’s really hard for me to pinpoint a specific act of kindness because I have been blessed to be surrounded by kind, generous and caring people. From smaller acts of kindness like holding the door open, or sharing a meal, to taking care of me when I’ve been sick or supporting me through difficult times in my life, I’m sure I have hundreds if not thousands of stories. Being part of such a warm and invested community definitely inspires me to give back whenever I can, to strangers, to those in needs, to friends and to family.

    Kindness is something that costs the giver so very little—if anything—but can be life-changing for the receiver.

  5. Cheryl B. says:

    I was picking up some chicken and pizza for supper on Saturday. My meal came with a 2 litre of Pepsi. I was standing there holding the pop when a man and his son came in to order their meal. Once they had paid for the meal, they were discussing what they were going to drink. The father said that they had water at home they could drink. I noticed the son was not happy with that and had a bit of a pout on. I went up to the father and asked if I could offer his son the Pepsi that I had in my hand – he thanked me and said yes. I offered the pop to the boy and he was all smiles. Before the boy took the pop he did look at his father to see if it was OK – me being a stranger and all. Something I got free with my meal made their day – which in turn – made my day.

  6. Victoria Karhut says:

    I was taking the bus one morning and there was an elderly lady standing on the bus, all the seats were filled, so of course I offered her my seat. When the time came to get off the bus she was coming off at the same time as me. She was not very sturdy and even with the bus lowering the step she was having trouble getting off and so I took her by the hand and helped her off as well. She was extremely grateful for my help but what makes being kind to someone so rewarding is that it made me feel full of joy that I was able to make someone’s day, even in a small way.

  7. Ceci DeBraga says:

    My husband and I have been saving for a house for a little under a year, it’s been tough we moved in with my in laws and my husband and have been close to our end but we know that with this market we have to stay just that extra bit. We were having one of those days, argueing about our situation and how we wished things were better. I was angry and frustrated and discouraged and in line at Timmy’s drive thru. I ordered and went to pay the cashier told me that the person ahead had paid for my order and left behind a bracelet for me. Instantly my mood changed I felt like crying, it was just coffee but my spirits were lifted. Thank you for reminding me the power of a small gesture and how I’ve forgotten that lately. So blessed am I, I will be pay it forward to my fellow neighbour disguised as a stranger.

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