The Bracelet

…The Reminder.

The Pay it Forward Bracelet is the Reminder.

Reminding me and reminding you!

— Innovation of the Human Mindset —
The bracelet on your wrist serves as a reminder to initiate kindness rather than wait for it to happen.

It is a simple reminder to help others out.
When you receive a “Thank You” for whatever you have done,
remove the bracelet and ask the person to “PAY IT FORWARD.”
By asking the recipient of your kindness to pay it forward,
you ensure that your gesture does not stop there.
Kindness begets kindness and the Pay It Forward ripple effect can,
and has, travelled around the globe.
Ask them to remove the bracelet and do the same for someone else.
The bracelet helps bring back the most important thing the world needs right now–

Pay It Forward Manitoba Bracelet Program:

Community Events – Is your event making a difference in the community?  Contact us and we will work with you on your event.

Pay It Forward School Program – It’s Cool To Be Kind (C2BK) was designed by the Team at CYA International.  Pro-kindness programs for children, teenagers and young adults from Preschool to College.  This program was created to associate being cool and popular (coveted traits by most kids) with being kind, accepting others and taking positive action in the form of random acts of kindness.  This gives kids something “to do” rather then tell them everything they “should not do”.

The PIF Experience has sent out over 1 million bracelets to 118 countries so far but need some help with the next 1 million and 100% of your donation will go towards more Bracelets. Pay It Forward Manitoba is trying to help this along by getting bracelets out to our communities.  These bracelets are amazingly popular, amazingly simple and amazingly powerful!

The bracelets are $0.50 each and come individually packaged with the Pay It Forward and bracelet concept explained in English on one side, and French on the other.

If you would like bracelets please email  your name, organization or school, address, quantity and how you will be using the bracelets, and we will provide you more information and options on getting bracelets through our Community Events or Pay It Forward School Program.