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Pay It Forward Day April 28

Global Pay It Forward Day is April 28, 2020!!

It’s definitely an interesting time and with social
distancing it makes it a bit more challenging but it is never impossible to be
kind and pay it forward!

Use some creativity as we’ve seen over the past weeks with
amazing ways to stay connected while we need to stay physically separated – people
dropping gifts via drones, singing from balconies, putting lights on at a
certain time to thank essential workers and remind the world that we are in
this together.

and say ’thank you’ to the grocery store worker keeping the carts sanitized and
welcoming you into the store with the hand sanitizer. Write a thank you note
and put it on your door for all the people delivering to your home. 

Send out those positive vibes of love and kindness and keep this world shining! And remember to be kind to yourself

#PayItForwardDay #BeKind

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