What does the world expect of you?

Nothing much really, just be kind. Fill your cup up with loving kindness and let it flood the world. #BeKind #PayItForward

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Imagine the possibilities…

What does the world expect of you?  What if all you needed to do was be kind to yourself and let that light shine and spread.  Is it possible that we can make 2019 a better world, just by one simple act of kindness?  The realm of possibility exists in each of us.  So surprise […]

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The Ripple Effect continues!! 13 days left to Pay It Forward Day!

Plant seeds of kindness……start now!

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Here’s to a new year filled with kindness. It can make the world a better place!

Kindness – ’tis the season!

It’s that simple.

Save the date!

Kindness matters! National Pay It Forwad Day….coming soon to a city new year! April 24 – save the date!  

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Make it a kind day – trust in the human connection!

CBC’s National Pay It Forward Day news. Don’t forget, Fundraiser on June 4th!

CBC’s National Pay It Forward Day – Fundraiser June 4!!


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