Kindness is good energy! Do your part in spreading positive energy!

There is always a choice. Kindness.

Don’t just think about it…initiate kindness. The ripple effect, that’s powerful.

Kindness. The power to change the world.

Pay It Forward Day celebrated! Were you part of the wave?

I hope you were inspired to spread some kindness on Pay It Forward Day and helped create the ripple effect!  That’s the only way it will become a wave.

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Kindness is in all our hearts. Allow your heart to open up to break down all the barriers that are keeping kindness locked up. Fear is the barrier that is preventing your kindness from flowing out. Choose kindness, choose love. THAT is what takes real courage. Kindness allows us to truly see one another.

We always have a choice. Always choose kindness.

Kindness starts with you!

Kindness is an every day thing…..what’s in your heart?

Kindness is a gift worth giving…