23 days to International Pay It Forward Day

Let’s make sure kindness is way overused!!  

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Each of us carries within us the magic to change the world for better.

Every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul. Pay it forward, a kinder world is in the palm of your hands!!

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Paying It Forward is good for the heart and soul!

Do not underestimate a moment of your kindness.

It is magical and can change someone’s life, making this world a better place.

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Kindness is contagious. It’s ok to spread it.

Kindness starts from within. Make YOU your new year’s resolution.


Here’s wishing you chose to make kindness your new year’s resolution. ¬†Starting with kindness to yourself!

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Be Kind. Kind is awesome. You are awesome. Be You.

Practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. YOU in?

How can I make it better?

Always know that someone out there is having a tougher day than you are. Believe in the power of human connection; it just takes one small act of kindness to make a huge impact. We all have it within ourselves to be kind to one another, and to make someone’s life a little better. In […]

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