April 24 – National Pay It Forward Day – you too, can be part of the ripple!

Check back for details on April 24th!

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12 Gifts of Christmas – we are down to Day 4 – Dec 21 – Hope everyone has been enjoying the true meaning of Christmas!! Give someone a $5.00 gift card today – with love and compassion!

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12 Gifts of Christmas…..Day 11

DAY 11: (DECEMBER 14)– Write a kind, hand-written letter to someone that changed your life for the better. And no, I’m not talking about an email or a text…I’m talking about snail mail people. (This can be to a childhood friend, a teacher from the past, or even an old baby-sitter that impacted your life […]

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3rd Annual 12 Gifts of Christmas coming up!!! What random acts of kindness will you do?

Day 12 countdown – starts December 13 – Buy food for a homeless person (or someone in need).  This does not have to be expensive, $5.00 should cover lunch.

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CTV morning coverage of Pay It Forward Day – be kind EVERY DAY :)

April 25, 2013 Volunteers Needed for National Pay It Forward Day Event – Contact pifmanitoba@shaw.ca

April 25, 2013 – National Pay It Forward Day is a time when each of us can get to experience the ‘Power of Giving’ and a massive, positive ripple effect begins!

12 Gifts of Giving

12 Gifts of Giving challenge:  do random acts of kindness and show people what the real meaning of Christmas is……giving in the true sense.   12 Gifts countdown starts on Dec 13th – check out the calendar of events for all the details.   Pay It Forward is that simple and that powerful.  Together, we […]

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